Workforce Training

From technical training to higher education, Stone County has ample resources at both a high school and collegiate level for building a strong and lasting workforce in a variety of industries.
MGCCC Workforce Education
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (MGCCC), in conjunction with the Mississippi Community College Board (MCCB), has funds available for customized training.

The workforce education division is responsible for facilitating MGCCC’s goals of using state resources to provide workforce education to the citizens of Mississippi, specifically our 4-county college district, giving them the skills needed to be more productive and enjoy an improved quality of life, and to provide the employers of our state a better trained and educated workforce. Essentially, if any Stone County employer has training needs for their employees, they can contact the Perkinston Campus Career-Technical and Workforce Education Dean at 601-928-6346 or Once a training need is established, the Workforce Education Dean submits a workforce project, including detailed curriculum and budgetary needs, to the MCCB. If the project is approved by the MCCB, then the actual training can take place. MGCCC and the employer develop the training curriculum and select appropriate trainer(s). The actual training can take place at the employer’s location, at the college, or at another location. Upon completion of the training project, MGCCC submits reimbursement request to the MCCB for previously approved amount and bills the employer for the remainder. Such workforce training projects provide significant savings for the employer through utilization of state funds.

Examples of workforce training projects, conducted at MGCCC, include:

  • Customer Service Training
  • Computer Training (e.g., Microsoft Office Suite)
  • Safety Training (OSHA)
  • CPR Training
  • Industrial Operations Training (e.g., Forklift, Crane Operation)
  • HVAC Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Various Customized Training
A Foundation of Skills-based learning: Stone County Schools
Stone County School District believes in preparing their students for vibrant, sustaining careers in adulthood and, as such, offers several skill-based and technical programs of study where students can explore their interests while gaining valuable career skills. These programs include Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, Family Dynamics, Nutrition & Wellness, Culinary Arts, Health Sciences, Education, and Welding. In these programs, students are given hands-on experience from top-rated instructors to ignite and inspire further exploration later at a collegiate level. Combined with programs offered at MGCCC and other technical schools, these programs ensure that students enter the workforce with a well-rounded and expert-level knowledge of their chosen field.