EDP Membership Benefits

The goal of the Economic Development Partnership is to provide assistance, education, and resources to Stone County businesses of all sizes to allow them to be as successful as possible, all while building community ties that strengthen our county.
BUSINESS AFTER HOURS | These SCEDP-hosted events are offered at SCEDP member business locations and allow members to network in a casual setting.

BUSINESS REFERRALS | Each month, The SCEDP refers individuals or businesses to information-seekers. Only SCEDP members are referred. Referrals are made by/through SCEDP staff, fellow members, and the SCEDP Web site.
BUSINESS & BREAKFAST | An early morning networking event for SCEDP members and the public. These SCEDP-hosted events feature programs of interest to the community.
INDUSTRY LEADERS BREAKFAST | Plant managers and industrial interests meet quarterly to hear guest speakers, receive information of interest and importance to their various businesses, and network.
SMALL BUSINESS WORKSHOPS/SEMINARS | The SCEDP offers workshops throughout the year to provide support to our small business owners. Topics vary according to member input.
New SCEDP membership decals are distributed annually to identify current SCEDP members and show the community which businesses are investing in and supporting Stone County and its progress.

The SCEDP will host and organize publicity events for new or expanding businesses. Area officials, local media, the SCEDP Board of Directors, and SCEDP members are invited.

PUBLICITY ASSISTANCE |Includes writing and distributing SCEDP news releases on new business or business expansions.
The SCEPD provides a variety of services designed to keep members informed and up-to-date on current issues, community events, and SCEDP activities.

The SCEDP website is a useful marketing tool. It features information regarding Stone County economic development, tourism, community information, and events.

E-NEWS UPDATE | An online publication that promotes special activities of SCEDP.
FACEBOOK | SCEDP members receive special announcements through Facebook.
MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY | The SCEDP publishes an online Membership Directory that connects members to one another.