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The Port of Gulfport is a bulk, break-bulk and container seaport which encompasses 204 acres, has nearly 6,000 feet of berthing space and averages over 2 million tons of cargo a year shipping over 200,000 TEU’S. The Port of Gulfport has gained a solid reputation as the second largest importer of green fruit in the United States and the 3rd busiest container port on the US Gulf of Mexico.

Location and Intermodal Access

The Port of Gulfport is a deep water seaport strategically positioned on the Gulf of Mexico, just 16 miles from shipping lanes and five nautical miles from the intracostal waterway. Because of its location, ships can be in International waters within one hour of sailing from the Harbor at Gulfport.

The Port of Gulfport has direct access to Hwy 49 and it is only 10 minutes from Interstate 10, for this reason trucks can easily distribute products to 75% of the U.S. market within 24 hours.

The intermodal movement of cargo at the Port of Gulfport is accommodated on port in the form of vessel-to-vessel, vessel-to-rail, and/or vessel –to-truck transfer.

At least 45 truck lines service the port of Gulfport on a daily basis.

The port’s competitive advantages include:

  • Reduced Transit Times
  • Tax Incentives
  • Foreign Trade Zone #92
  • Competitive Rates
  • Efficient, Experienced and Flexible Workforce
  • Superb Cargo Handling Capabilities
  • Proximity to Major Markets