Existing Industry

When it comes to opportunity and resources for economic success, Stone County stands tall. With an abundance of natural and man-made resources available across the county, Stone County is an area leader in expanding industry.
Hood Industries
Specializes in plywood made from sturdy Southern Yellow Pine and is available in a variety of grades, thicknesses, and finishes to meet the particular needs of their customers. Hood Plywood is a proud member of the APA – Engineered Wood Association. All of our products are produced in accordance with APA guidelines. Hood’s Wiggins facility employs more than 275 people, and their unique approach has created an atmosphere that fosters trust, integrity, and accountability to customers, each other, and the environment. Hood Industries’ history chronicles the success of this philosophy in the company’s growth
Baldwin Pole Mississippi, LLC
Utility linemen prefer poles made by Baldwin Pole Mississippi. Baldwin’s EPA-approved wood treatment makes poles more flexible and less susceptible to wind and ice storm damage; the poles are also easier and faster to climb, and superior moisture resistance reduces the risk of electrocution. Baldwin poles are easier on the planet as well; the average lifespan of a Baldwin Pole is 40 years, which equals the approximate time it takes to grow a new pole tree.
Carpenter’s Pole & Piling
Carpenter’s Pole & Piling provides various treated wood products for the construction and pile driving industries as well as the utility industry. They use only quality Southern yellow pine and follow specifications outlined by the American Standard National Institute to class each pole or piling. Their treating processes adhere to strict State and Federal safety and environmental regulations, and they constantly evaluate procedures to ensure the highest standard of any treating facility.
DeSoto Treated Materials
Seeks to provide the highest quality poles and piling with a level of service second to none. Established in 1996 in an effort to streamline current operations of land management and logging businesses already managed by DeSoto. With a strong family influence, DeSoto has grown 5 times over since its origination. The Land & Timber Division has been selling land in South Mississippi since 1990, offering residential lots and acreage, commercial properties, recreational properties, and investment properties for sale.
Dunn Paper Company
Dunn Paper, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of specialty coated, wax and machine glazed papers. Dunn Paper Company, the nation’s largest provider of private label tissue for retail grocery chains, prioritizes responsible forest management: all the wood utilized by the operation comes from timberlands certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the Sustainable Forestry Initiative or other controlled wood source.
Recast Energy
In 2012, the Recast Energy manufacturing operation in Stone County made national news and history when it announced the availability for sale of more than 15,000 metric tons of carbon offsets from its biomass thermal energy project—the first U.S.-based biomass thermal project to be validated and verified under the Verified Carbon Standard. Recast offers sustainability both for the planet and for global industry by providing alternative energy (produced from locally sourced woody biomass residues) through long-term contracts with price certainty. Recast assures “best practices” for building reputations of environmental responsibility and strong positions for meeting future regulatory compliance.

D&R Industrial Services, LLC

Offers quality services personalized for a client’s unique needs including mechanical filed services, fabrication and welding, maintenance shutdowns, and equipment installations and welding services.

Ten Mile Industrial Park

Developed by the Stone County Economic Development Partnership, the 90-acre park has attracted a variety of small manufacturers and currently has two small parcels available for purchase. Each company owns their buildings and sites.

Bayou Innovations, LLC

A technology company that develops, markets, and coordinates distribution of specialty coating for automobiles, motorcycles and boats.

Orlando Core Recyclers, Inc

A family owned and operated core supplier of engines, transmissions, and small electronics. Parts are guaranteed to be completely re-buildable and the exact part the client seeks. New inventory arrives daily.

Pro-Tech Industrial Services LLC

Marine and industrial surface preparation and preservation services. Capable of providing most every type surface preparation method and coating application required within the industries.